Who are we?

We are based in the Tiong Bahru area and offer quality tuition

We are based in the Tiong Bahru area and offer quality tuition for

  • Primary English
  • Primary Mathematics
  • Primary Science
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Secondary Science


Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

With small group classes, your child will get the attention that they deserve. Small groups allow the qualified teachers to vary their pedagogy to suit the needs of individuals within the class.


Individualized, Customized Learning Plans

We know each student is different.

Some students grasp concepts quickly and need to be challenged. For others, they need a bit more support and more time. With small groups and expert teachers, we can customize lessons to the individuals needs of your child. They no longer have to put up with having a mediocre lesson taught to large classes on a concept they already know.


Small Group Classes

Our classes are small which gives your child the attention they deserve.

As a guideline we keep our classes at a maximum of 6 students with an absolute maximum of 8 students. Smaller classes leads to more attention for your child. This leads to faster progress. All teachers employed by Spring Ahead Education Centre are trained teachers. However, being qualified by the Ministry of Education in Singapore is not enough for us. The teachers we employ have that X-factor. They have a passion for teaching and are thus able to motivate and engage students. On top of that, we allow our teachers to specialize. This means that if a teacher has a genuine passion for teaching P3 Maths, we allow them to do this. They can focus their talents on what they are best at.

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    Conditions of Tuition Enrollment:
    We undertake to provide lessons designed to the best of our abilities to improve your child's standard in the subject or subjects nominated. We do this on the understanding that you are aware of the homework that is required and will do your best to help your child and see that his/her homework is done and that his/her attendance is regular and punctual.Your child is expected to attend at least 90% of their classes, otherwise we reserve the right to offer their class timing to other students.

    Termination of Tuition Lessons:
    You are required to inform us one month in advance via email to springaheadsingapore@gmail.com should you decide to stop your child's lessons at our centre. Provided one month's notice is given, the refundable deposit will be returned. If you do not inform us one month in advance, the deposit is forfeited.

    The fees are payable whether your child attends tuition or not. Fees are payable One make-up class per term will be offered only if: it is for a valid reason(ie a compulsory school activity or illness and appropriate documentation is provided (i.e. a letter from the school or an Medical Certificate).

    We will record all data provided, including information for both children and guardians on the enrollment form to enable us to provide a service to you and your child. We may provide the information to third parties in order to allow us to provide our service to you by for example, sending reminders about classes and invoices for fees.

    From time to time we will be taking photos of activities and lessons taking place in the centre. These photos of more than one individual may be used for marketing purposes. Where the photo is of only your child, we will seek your permission separately before using the photo. You may withdraw consent for permission to include your child in group photos in marketing material by email springaheadsingapore@gmail.com.

    From time to time we would like to contact you via sms and/or email to let you know about courses which may be of immediate interest to you. For example, if you have a child in P5 who is coming for Maths tuition, we may contact you to let you know that we are starting a new P5 class for English. We will not promote any non-tuition related courses.

    From time to time we may send out information via email which we believe will be of interest to you. This will be information about education and related topics, for example parenting tips. It may also include special offers and information for related activities, e.g. Chinese Tuition, Sports Coaching for children.